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What does it mean to

"Break the Concrete Ceiling?"

  The concrete ceiling represents a barrier designed to be impenetrable, this ceiling exists not physically but conceptually in the form of denied opportunity, limited education, lack of viable resources and positions throughout American culture.

  Concrete Ceilings can also be our personal insecurities, fears, lack of drive , ambition, and direction. 

   This book addresses seven principles that will allow you to shift the atmosphere whether it be in your workplace, home or school. I believe these principles are timeless and therefore I would have not fulfilled part of my destiny had I not written this book and shared these things with the world. Many people don’t believe in destiny and a higher calling, but I submit to you that everything you touch will either flourish or fail depending upon the level of activation it has concerning your destiny.




Book Reviews:

"I can sense the heart, Spirit and Loving intentions of the author."  Kevin Cherry, CEO, LaMarc Entertainment

"For the past few years I have been stuck in kind of a slump, not really knowing how to get out of my own way or push past some issues I was having. A friend recommended this book and I have since recommended it to all my friends." Ronald Taylor, Actor, Entrepreneur (Bronson Taylor)

"It was almost like the author was speaking to me herself. The knowledge, and personal experiences highlighted through this book gives you a sense of wanting to change to become better a you. If you want to start your path to enlightenment or if you need a push in the right direction to find your, purpose in life, or if you just want to start your journey on self development this is a really good read." Dequiesha Diggs, MGIS, SGT, US Army, Geospatial Intelligence Analyst

"Breaking Through the Concrete Ceiling is truly an inspirational book. It will change your perspective on how you view obstacles in your life and how those obstacles will push into your purpose and destiny. If you are ready to go on a journey of self-reflection, purpose, and true freedom, read this book!!" Shatasha McPhatter, MSIT, Author, Entrepreneur

"I started reading this book on my own. Then I realized that the teachings and principles of the book needed to be shared amongst the members of my household. My wife and I took turns and read chapters of the book, which lead to some in-depth discussion. I am a firm believer that the principle of this book will help you in any pitfall you maybe in and achieve success. It also should be shared with your spouse, kids, or sibling. This book can assist you and love ones to break the chains that are stopping you from reaching you full potential." Clayborne Taylor, verified customer

" This book is for people that are ready ,to go to the next level in your life."  Ezra Gantt

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